Three Months To Kill

FVDD113 THREE MONTHS TO KILL West Coast Rock’n’Roll

From the C&W honky-tonk circuit to the hit-making hubs of Hollywood and Bakersfield, Three Months To Kill charts the A-listers, the also-rans and the lesser-heard whose wild waxings helped put California on the musical map.  Combining the glitz’n’glamour of the world’s entertain epicentre with a freewheeling spirit that harks back to the pioneering days of old, the Golden State offers a host of rockin’ recordings as enduring as its endless summer image.

Carefully compiled in conjunction with the legendary Wild Wax Show’s “Jailhouse” John Alexander, this solid sixty offers a dazzling selection sure to appeal to both avid collectors and those just beginning their journey of discovery.

Available on Fantastic Voyage. Also available as a 32-track double vinyl LP.

This release is something of a corker, and one of the most consistently enjoyable compilations to come my way for a while… there are so many delights here from the crazy Chicano rock’n’roll of Chan Romero to the wild sounds of Big T. Tyler… this is indeed a fantastic voyage. Now Dig This

… a truly sparkling collection of various shades of quality rockin’ music. American Music Magazine

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