The Many Moods Of Mad Men

FVDD159 The Many Moods Of Mad Men

FVDD159 The Many Moods Of Mad Men

A Musical Companion

Rarely has an off-beat television drama managed to captivate global audiences quite like the sharp-suited Mad Men with its exquisitely crafted characters, heart-stopping storylines and painstaking attention to historical detail.  Depicting the ups and downs of a fictional Manhattan advertising agency in the early 1960s, Matthew Weiner’s creation is every bit a visual feast for retrophiles as it is an audio smorgasbord gleaned from the farthest recesses of Pop’s golden age. Underpinned by David Carbonara’s era-savvy orchestral score, AMC’s multi award-winning series has attracted legions of “Maddicts”, devotees who yearn to learn where the truth lies.

As integral to Mad Men’s success as its superb casting and pinpoint perfect costumes, is the deft use of original recordings from the 1930s up to and including the present day (hats off to music supervisor supreme Alexandra Patsavas).  While not always adhering to strict chronology, each carefully-chosen track nonetheless succeeds in exploring a character or a fleshing out a scene from the point at which the script leaves off; the unspoken magic ripe with nuance and emotion. Conveying the dramatic twists, turns, triumphs and tribulations with imagination and flair, Mad Men’s eclectic soundtrack is never less than authentic or thought-provoking.

Charting the show’s first five seasons, The Many Moods of Mad Men is the most thorough compilation of the period music which has been used so effectively to evoke the lives of several generations of characters interacting within the agency’s cut and thrust milieu and in their New York homes.  Accompanied by a 20pp booklet illustrated with contemporaneous adverts, this 2CD set presents a richly diverse four-decades-spanning selection of pop, jazz, lounge, folk, country and easy listening, all in the original versions included in the series.

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