Texas Tornados

FVDD142 TEXAS TORNADOS Rock’n’Roll from the Lone Star State

True to its independent spirit, rarely has a place offered more musical originality and diversity than Texas.  From steel-laden Western Swing and dusty, downhome C&W, to flat out Rockabilly and proto-Tex Mex Rock, Texas Tornados – Rock’n’Roll from the Lone Star State presents a whirlwind of hot tamale talent whose wild waxings helped make the Lone Star state sparkle on Rock’n’Roll’s map.

Featuring  Rock’n’Roll pioneers The Crickets and Jape Richardson alongside honky tonkers Bill Mack and Bash Hofner, this 2-CD set also cherry picks the best from the Sarg, Starday and D labels to name but three, all of which helped define the regional sound.  With contributions from Ronnie Dawson, Jett Powers and Trini Lopez, this nifty fifty also includes gems from Doug Sahm, Thumper Jones and Bennie Hess.

Compiled in conjunction with the Wild Wax Show’s deejay “Jailhouse” John Alexander, Texas Tornados offers an authentic selection sure to appeal to both avid collectors and those just beginning their journey of discovery.

Available on Fantastic Voyage.  Also available as 32-track double vinyl LP.

If this doesn’t make you flat git it, then there’s just no hope for you at all.  A tip top collection of some of the finest rockin’sounds to ever emerge from the Lone Star state.  Even J.R. Ewing would doff his stetson to such a rich selection. Now Dig This

A sparkling compilation Hi-Fi World

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