Rockin’ Bones

FVTD173 ROCKIN’ BONES Red Hot Rockabilly

Well, when I die don’t bury me at all
Just a-hang my bones upon the wall
Beneath these bones let these words be seen:
The running gears of a boppin machine.

WHEN Elvis Presley lit the blue touch paper, the exciting fusion of white Country music and black Rhythm & Blues which erupted across the US in the mid-50s made household names of many, producing a wealth of recordings rarely equalled for their unbridled energy and wild rebellion.  The Rockabilly revival of the 1970s found a new audience for this music which endures to this day, creating stars of its more obscure exponents twenty years after the event.  Raw, rough and ready, Rockabilly paved the way for Pop music as we know it.

At a time when music was not only divided along racial lines but also by age and locality, Rockabilly represented pure menace, the anthem of denim-clad juvenile delinquents.  When it did manage to break out of its regional confines, its lascivious lyrics and dangerous rhythms, driven by a chunking, percussive bass and pared down, primitive sound was deemed by some to be a threat to the fabric of society.  Even so, there was no shortage of eager beavers willing to try their hand, often with varying degrees of success.

Drawn from across the rockin’ spectrum, Rockin’ Bones serves up a sizzling 3CD selection of some of the finest Rockabilly from the years 1956-61.  Alongside the well-known sit the more obscure whose recordings are now regarded as classics.  Comprising lesser-heard gems and genre-defining cuts from the Johnny Burnette Trio, Pat Cupp, the Louvin Brothers, Jesse James, Johnny Powers, Hank Mizell, Jack Earls and Ronnie Dawson, this is even more Rockabilly at its red hot rockin’est best.

Available now on Fantastic Voyage!  Also available as a 32-track double vinyl LP.

“Few rockabilly compilations mix classics, obscurities and everything in between as well as this 75-track goldmine… a steal for hardcore fans and toe dippers alike.” Vintage Rock

“75 absolute killer tracks.” Vive Le Rock 7/10

“A mighty attractive package… and for vinyl lovers, a 32-track, 2 x LP version is available too.  Either way, you gotta dig the bop!” Now Dig This

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