Dancin’ Party

FVDD171 Dancin' Party

FVDD171 DANCIN’ PARTY Hits and Rarities from the Dance Craze Era

’Cos summer time is party time and everything’s alright…

While it may be the best-remembered of the 60s dance crazes, the Twist really was just the toe-tapping tip of the Terpsichore’s iceberg.  Its popularity defied borders, classes and age groups as it wound around the globe leaving a trail of pinched nerves, slipped discs and happy osteopaths in its wake.  First Lady Jackie Kennedy gave it the establishment seal of approval when she was photographed “doing it” at a White House bash and yet, in the years immediately prior to the Beat Boom, US airwaves oscillated to scores of other dance discs, records whose catch-all appeal meant they often registered in both the Pop and R&B charts.

Fuelled by teen-orientated TV shows such as American Bandstand, regional dance fads came and went with dizzying speed, all of them marketed to youngsters eager to shake a tail feather and prove they were hip to the latest moves.  Lest you be a wallflower it was time to take to the floor, saddle up and Pony or just Mess Around and Shimmy.  The Waddle, the Pop Pie and the Roach may have faded as quickly as last night’s prom corsage, but others like the Cha Cha Cha, the Shag (the state dance of South Carolina, in case you were wondering) and the Bossa Nova have proved more enduring.

LaBrenda Ben [photo courtesy of Eric Charge]

LaBrenda Ben [photo courtesy of Eric Charge]

Covering the period 1957-1962, this 50-track 2CD set recollects those carefree days of record hops, big boss lines and ladies choices with a stunning selection of the genre’s biggest hits and best-loved exponents: Chubby Checker, Dee Dee Sharp, Little Eva, The Orlons, Joey Dee and The Olympics plus hard-to-find cuts by The Dutones, LaBrenda Ben, Brice Coefield and The Miller Sisters.  So get with, don’t quit it – it’s party time!

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Features a host of party records over 2CDs. Record Collector

Primed to stir up even the most docile get-togethers with hits and rarities that cover all fads from the dance craze era. Vintage Rock

You can shag, freeze, twist, cha-cha-cha, sop, hucklebuck, shimmy, watusi and hully gully to your heart’s content. Now Dig This


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