Cadillac Cuties & Hot Rod Heroes

FVDD147 CADILLAC CUTIES & HOT ROD HEROES 50 Hi-Octane Cuts from the Golden Age of the Automobile

Time to buckle up and put the pedal to the metal with a fuel-injected fifty from the golden age of the automobile.

Almost from the beginning, the automobile played an integral part in Rock’n’Roll music both figuratively and literally, with a driver’s licence coming to symbolise freedom from parental control or social disgrace for those without wheels.  Celebrated in song by artists from across the rockin’ spectrum, cars became the signature teenage accessory of the 50s and 60s, with cruisin’ the strip, drive-in movies and illicit drag races very much a part of the American teen scene.

Their futuristic designs evoking a growing fascination with space exploration, sorbet colours and sensuous chrome-plated curves redolent of buxom movie stars, 1950s “dream machines” were simply in a league of their own.  With the oil crisis and global warming decades away, America’s youth was free to tool around with no particular place to go so long as they had gas money, while a thriving hot-rod scene saw youngsters customise old jalopy “barn finds”, soup up the engines and race for kicks.

Time to slide on over to the driver’s side… turn the key in the ignition and check your rear view.  Coast awhile to the sounds of Rocky Davis, The Medallions, Chuck Miller, Eddie Cochran-soundalike Jerry Woodard and road runner Bo Diddley.  Shift it up a gear with Pat Davis, Jim Flaherty, and Slick Slavin… feel the wind in your hair.  No-one on your tail?  Put your foot down and really motorvate with Chuck Berry, Merrill Moore and Gene Vincent… but remember, driving’s a serious business.

Compiled in conjunction with the Wild Wax Show’s deejay “Jailhouse” John Alexander, Fantastic Voyage are proud to present this very cherry collection which is sure to please both seasoned collectors and those just heading out on the Rock’n’Roll highway.

Available now on Fantastic Voyage

Another of those great Lucky Parker / Jailhouse John Alexander compilations… all sorts of styles are loaded into the trunk for a rip-roaring trip down the highway.  And I’m sure John Milner would love it. Trevor Cajiao · Now Dig This

This epic two disc collection tears up the road to automotive bliss 7/10 Clash

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